Request for Proposals Released for Subsea Power Cables

An RFP for the Subsea Power Cable Manufacture, Delivery, and Installation for PacWave South has just been released. The solicitation is available at RFP for PacWave Subsea Cable Supply and Install. For technical data related to the cable system and recent marine surveys, please see these documents on Box. More information can be found at PacWave informational session for subsea cable solicitation.

PACWAVE is an open ocean WAVE ENERGY TESTING facility

at Oregon State University.  It consists of two sites, each located just a few miles from the deep-water port of Newport, Oregon. Both PacWave sites are highly accessible and served by a diverse maritime supply chain.

PACWAVE NORTH is an established site for WAVE ENERGY TESTING

consisting of an autonomous test site for small-scale, prototype, and maritime market technologies. PacWave North is located 2 miles off the Pacific Coast near Newport, Oregon. PacWave North offers a site in state waters with streamlined permitting; expected time to permit is under one year. The site is shallower than PacWave South and closer to port. PacWave North is a persistently monitored site (wave, met, ocean measurements, and habitat surveys).


in a high-energy, open ocean environment. Located 7 miles off the Pacific coast near Newport, Oregon, the PacWave South facility features consistent, energetic waves and steady winds — ideal for testing survivability and energy production.

PacWave South’s pre-permitted site offers multiple advantages. The time consuming and expensive regulatory process is done in advance of construction and applicable to all wave energy device types expected — saving potentially millions of dollars and allowing optimization of designs more rapidly.

CEOAS to oversee wave energy testing facility

Oregon State University has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy and other stakeholders to build a wave energy test facility located off the Oregon Coast, between Newport and Waldport, called PacWave.

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Wave Energy Testing Site Passes Hurdle

Burke Hales, professor at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU, talks about the project.

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On May 30, 2019 OSU submitted the Final License Application (FLA) to FERC for PacWave South. This is the culmination of over 5 years of effort working and negotiating with multiple agencies and stakeholders in Oregon and beyond, and this FLA represents a model for permitting of future ocean energy projects.



The PacWave South site offers multiple advantages.

  • All necessary infrastructure including electric cables, data cables and an on-shore grid connection station, providing a one-stop shop for companies developing wave energy converters.
  • The facility will be able to test up to 20 wave energy converters in four berths, allowing different technologies to be tested at the same time, with a maximum power output of up to 20MW.
  • Each berth will have a dedicated, 5MW-capable power and data transmission cable connection to an onshore grid-connection station.

PacWave is affiliated with the Pacific Marine Energy Center.


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